Saturday, August 15, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Home Staging Pays Off for Savvy Pittsburgh PA Real Estate Agents

As you well know, the demands of being a successful Realtor® have grown dramatically over the past decade or so. Technology has skyrocketed, competition has increased, and the market has gone (just a bit) haywire. As a Realtor® you likely feel pulled in a million different directions and it probably seems that there are never enough hours in the day.

So why complicate your already over-taxed life as a Realtor® by trying to also wear the hat of a Home Stager? Can you really afford the time? Do you know the best ways to convince your clients to make the changes you suggest?

If you are a savvy Pittsburgh Realtor® passionate about building your business while providing your clients with the highest level of service, working with a Professional Home Stager offers you an easy, effective and profitable strategy so you can be even more successful in today’s highly competitive real estate marketplace.

The following is the first installment in a series that outlines the logic behind the smart strategy of using Professional Home Staging to further strengthen your Pittsburgh PA real estate business.

Here’s the first reason of the Top Ten Reasons Home Staging Pays Off for Savvy Pittsburgh PA Real Estate Agents:

Reason #1: Professional Home Staging Saves You Time

As you well know, Professional Realtors® must be multi-talented and incredibly hard working. Here are just a few of things you probably do on an average day:

•Market—yourself and your listings
•Problem solve

The adage “Time is Money” may be more true for Realtors® than anybody else. Successful Realtors® in Pittsburgh and around the country understand the value of effectively managing their time and building a strong support team in an effort to provide a superior level of service to their clients.

So while you likely know and understand many of the principles of Effective Home Staging, can you really justify the time required to walk each listing client you have through the details of what they need to do in order to effectively prepare their home to sell as quickly as possible for the best price?

Partnering with a Professional Home Stager ensures that your listing clients receive proven and detailed staging advice they deserve while allowing you to dedicate your time to the demanding business of being a Realtor®.

And the time you save by working with a Professional Home Stager is only the tip of the iceberg of the benefits to your business. Stay tuned for Staging Benefit #2: Professional Home Staging Increases Traffic Through Your Listings.

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