Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall ~ The Perfect Time to Go Au Naturel at Home!

Ok, I am not suggesting you decorate in the buff in order to spice things up at home, although that might get some interesting results. I am suggesting that you stick with what comes naturally when making seasonal fall updates to warm up your living spaces.

Look to nature for your inspiration and many of your materials—and you will create a fresh, organic, warm feeling in your home that will carry you right through Thanksgiving.

So here are some of my Top Tips to Add Spice To Your Fall D├ęcor:

Tip #1: Bring the Outdoors In

Look no farther than your backyard and you will find wonderful natural items that will add life to your surroundings. Beautifully colored leaves, acorns, chestnuts, pine cones, branches, crab apples, bittersweet, and fallen pine needles are just a few of the free treasures nature provides for your decorating pleasure.

Tip #2: Head to the Market

Make a quick stop at your local Farmers’ Market to find more affordable natural wonders to welcome autumn. Look for pumpkins (white ones are a favorite of mine), gourds, Indian corn, mums, apples and pears.

Tip #3: Go with Groupings

Add the biggest impact by layering a number of fall items together in a basket, on a decorative plate, or a fall colored or textured fabric and then display on your dining, entry, coffee or end table. Adding decorative candles in your groupings can warm the look up even more. (Just be careful to have them in safe containers, not to burn them close to flammable items and to never leave a burning candle unattended.)

Tip #4: Warm up Your Palette

Look outdoors for your color inspiration, too. Now is a great time to add glowing gold, warm russet, and spicy orange shades with throws, pillows, and other affordable decorative touches.

So go grab some warm apple cider, a crackling fire, and someone to cuddle with on the couch while you enjoy the magic of an au naturel autumn—both inside and outside your cozy home.