Monday, August 8, 2011

Announcing ONLINE Stage to Sell! Strategy Sessions

Need a quick, cost-effective way to get specific advice for how to best prepare your home for a successful sale?  Feels Like Home Interiors is now offering ONLINE Stage to Sell! Strategy Sessions. 

The process is simple and effective: 
  1. You share photos of key rooms/spaces inside and outside your home through an online photo sharing website. 
  2. We analyze the photos and determine how you should prepare each space to best appeal to your potential buyers.  
  3. We email you a detailed written report that will serve as your roadmap to success in getting your home sold. 
  4. And to make sure you understand the recommendations, we also include a 15 minute phone consultation to answer any questions. 

ONLINE Stage to Sell! Strategy Sessions--an economical, convenient and effective tool for savvy sellers!

For more information or to schedule your ONLINE Stage to Sell! Strategy Session, please contact us at 724.884.7148 or


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