Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cozy Up Your Nest for Winter

Beat those winter blahs by cozying up your spaces with these quick, easy and affordable ideas.

Focus on the Fireplace – This is a great time to mix up the furniture arrangement in your family or living room and create a cozy grouping close to the fireplace, perfect for a cup of cocoa or curling up with a good book on a snowy afternoon.

Add Texture and Layers – Just like we layer up our outfits in the colder weather to keep warm, adding layers and textures both looks and feels good for our winter-time décor. Think thick, cozy throws, extra pillows, more substantial window treatments, stacks of books, a basket by the fireplace with logs (even if you have a gas fireplace), a new area rug—the options are limitless.

Turn up the Light – You need to be proactive in balancing the long, dark days of winter. Add additional table or floor lamps (stores are filled with gorgeous, affordable choices these days), a candle grouping, or an accent uplight in a dark corner of the room.

Bring in the Outside – Adding natural elements to your décor this time of year adds some life to your rooms and is a reminder that this hibernating period is what leads to the brighter, warmer, greener days of spring. Try a bowl or basket overflowing with pinecones, a large vase filled with tall, interesting branches, a live plant in a decorative pot, or a vase with fresh flowers.

Now you're ready to grab a good book and settle in to relax and enjoy the slower pace of this winter season!


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