Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MLS Photos--Shoot For Quantity AND Quality

According to a July 2008 study by Point2 Technologies, online home shoppers turn away from listings with no or few photos and spend their time viewing the listings with the most MLS photos.

This study found that listings with no photos had the worst results, getting only a .02 percent of the detailed listing views that the 21 or more photo listings received. The study also indicated that listings with 21 or more pictures received 55 times the number of page views, 27 times the amount of interest and 898 the number of leads as a listing with no pictures.

According to Carey Tufts, Director of Marketing for Point2 Technologies, “Once again the data indicates that online home shoppers want rich content, specifically in the form of more photos, otherwise they tend to move on to the next listing. Especially in today’s market, home sellers and their agents do not have to take this risk. The data sends a powerful message. With more than 80 percent of home buyers continuing to do their research online, agents must attach more photos to their listings for them to stand out and attract more potential buyers.”

While this study makes a strong case for listing agents to increase the number of photos they use with their listings in order to attract interest, it does not address the importance of the quality of all these photos. Clearly, online interest is not enough; sellers need that interest to result in showings and offers. While more photos may bring an increase in views from an online shopper, quality of the staging of the home and the photos themselves will lead to showings and ultimately, offers.

So definitely put more photos with your listings, but make sure the photos do an excellent job of captivating a potential buyer's further interest and helping them make an emotional connection to the home. This means each photo must show an area that is well-staged highlighting the space’s function, flow, and features. And each picture should be taken from the ideal vantage point with the best lighting and then properly finished using a good photo editing program such as www.picnik.com/ .

When it comes to MLS photos helping you get to SOLD, both quantity AND quality will be crucial in generating showings and offers. What's a great way to ensure your photos will have the best impact on prospective home buyers? Enlist the services of a Professional Home Stager to help you get your home show-ready before it hits on the market. The investment in home staging will result in a home that shows well both online and in person.

See the graph below for the detailed results of the Point2 Technologies Study. Click here to read the complete study.


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