Friday, May 29, 2009

Staying Sane Living "Ready-to-Show"!

Living in a show-ready home may seem daunting, but with some planning and a bit of effort you can do it. Remember the better your home shows, the more likely you will sell quicker and therefore need to live this way for a shorter time. You may even come to enjoy living in a serene and clutter-free environment. Once you’ve put in all the work to get your house de-cluttered, effectively staged, and show-ready, it is easier to maintain than you might imagine, and well worth the effort.

Set aside a time everyday to do the necessary tidying tasks. If you are a morning person, get up a bit earlier than normal and take care of your daily to do list. If you are a night owl, work this into your pre-bedtime routine (with the exception of making beds and general picking up after your morning routine).

If you have older children and teens in your household, get them involved in the daily process of staying show ready. Make it easy for them to help by giving them storage baskets and bins to use to gather their belongings and designate a space in their closet or dresser where they can store them. The promise of a family getaway or some other reward when your house sells works well as an incentive. With younger children, make the preparation process a game for them. Children as young as 2 or 3 can help put items in bins and enjoy the fun of using a timer or special clean up songs.

Remember, when a potential buyer sees a spotless and well-organized home, it has a big positive impact on their overall impression of the property. They tend to see the home as well-cared for, more spacious, and easy to maintain—all of which go a long way to getting you from “for sale” to “Sold!”.

Stay on top of the day to day clutter and dirt, have a schedule and a plan, and give yourself and your family "treats" for your extra efforts. You'll be able to keep your sanity and the quick and successful sale of your home will be your well-deserved reward.

Watch for future posts with specific steps to follow daily, every few days, weekly, and anytime you leave the house when your home is on the market.

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