Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Rave Review

Love getting feedback from my clients.  Check out this rave review from a couple I recently had the pleasure of helping get settled into their new home.  

“We LOVE the window treatments! Eric loves, loves, loves the changes in the downstairs retreat (aka—his “man” cave). And we are both thrilled with the living room, dining room, kitchen and sunroom transformations. It is amazing what a difference moving the furniture around and properly placing the art and accessories can make in each space. 

Words cannot express how grateful I am that you have been here to help me as we settle into our new home, Mary. You have been so wonderful to work with and I am absolutely delighted with what we have accomplished. Our house has gone from a cold, bland structure to really feeling like HOME!

Looking forward to having your help in the rest of the rooms!”

~ Lisa Gauthier


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